The Musser Group Companies

Health Advocate
Created by the founding executive team from US Healthcare, Health Advocate helps organizations serve customers, and customers get better answers to their health plans. Health Advocate serves as an information bureau and customer care center for an organization employees who have signed up for their service. Private company.

Leading provider of RFID and Healthcare information technology to over 1100 hospitals. Infologix utilizes the latest in mobile technology, enabling patients, nurses, and doctors to interact more seamlessly, helping to save lives and increase the efficiency of healthcare providers. Entrepreneur Magazine named Infologix the 6th fastest growing company in the U.S for 2006. Publicly traded company: Ticker IFLG

Business Week’s stock of the year for two years. Leading provider of weightloss programs marketed directly to customers. Publicly traded company: Ticker NTRI.

GreenandSave is the leading Web 2.0 site and offline consultancy focused on helping to educate, inform, and enable consumers and small businesses to decrease the costs by going Green. Founded by a leading local Internet Marketing and Green Architecture leader, GreenandSave has attracted enormous attention in a short period of time. Their site is one of the most comprehensive "Green" online sites on the market today. Partner Company since March of 2008.

BizEquity's Valuation as a Service (VaaS)™ system was created to democratize and make available business valuation knowledge to all business owners and their advisors. Our goal is to make business valuation affordable, accessible, and real-time, thus ushering in the next great category of software and data for businesses globally.

Acceleration Systems
Our mission here at Acceleration Systems is to make your life easier and more enjoyable. We want to crush buffering, destroy data caps, and basically let you, your employees, and your customers get online, get what they need, and get on with their lives. Oh, and we want to make sure that everyone can watch as many cat videos as their heart may desire (and maybe a dog video or two).