Helping small companies become big businessesTM

The Musser Group was created to fill a void in the marketplace, the void between Private Equity and Venture Capital concerns and Management and Strategy Consultants. The Musser Group helps entrepreneurs take their companies to the next level, by providing "partnership capital." Partnership Capital is not just about financial capital, but the type of knowledge and relationship capital that is created over 53 years and over 500 companies, and over $20 billion in total private equity and venture capital creation.

Warren V. "Pete" Musser is a living legend in the venture capital business. He has led the investments as founding investor in some of the largest companies of the past 50 years. Leaders in cable, communications, software, internet investing, business consulting, and consumer products have been born with Pete and his teams help.

Pete has brought together a team from his past successes to form The Musser Group to help entrepreneurs.


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